Araly Picnic 2014

The date for the picnic is set for the 26th of July 2014. It will be held at the usual location in SunnyBrook Park – Serena Gundy Park Area #3.


The entire park is reserved for us for the whole day. Please be there to join in the fun and games for all family, children and adults alike. As we get closer to the day, details of the games will be posted on this web site and on our facebook page.


Please `like’ us on facebook to get the news propagated to all friends and family from Araly.


This year being the 10th anniversary of our cultural organization in Canada, we intend to make this a special picnic to remember.


For all those wondering, Iyah will be there and cook up his usual special lunch. Don’t miss it.


Directions for the picnic area are: Serena Gundy Park Map




  • Enter into Sunny Brook Park from Leslie street (just north of Eglinton avenue)
  • Drive in (slowly) and take the right branch when the road divides into two.
  • Follow the road as it bends left and goes over a small bridge.
  • Within a few meters after the bridge, road branches to the left into a parking lot. Go in to this lot and park your vehicle in a suitable spot. The more towards the back and left of the parking lot the better.
  • You now have to walk the rest of the way.
  • At the back and the left of the parking lot, there is a trail leading to a bridge over the same stream that you passed in your vehicle.
  • On the far end of the bridge, the paved trail continues on and bends right.
  • At this point, there is a dirt trail branching to the left. You can follow this through the woods to reach Serena Gundy Park – Area 3.
  • Alternatively, you can continue following the paved trail to the right till you see a paved trail branching to the left. This too leads into the same Serena Gundy Park – Area 3.


Welcome, settle down, enjoy the beverages and food items available, join in the fun and have a wonderful day.

This is a free event.