Who we are?


We hail from the village of Araly and want to make an internet presence for our  village. By doing this, if we have brought more people together in cyberspace, then we would have achieved a portion of our goal.


We chose the cyberspace as it helps us reach the younger generation. Everything is now on the internet, as are the kids.


We want to point our children to the web site to learn of where their parents were born and brought up. The hope is that these will bring about many questions like


  • Wonder what our place looks like now?
  • What do the temples and schools look like now?
  • What did we do to our beloved village?
  • How can we do something or participate in good cause?


…… and they, in turn, lead to good deeds and eventually to the betterment of Araly.


Come, join our cause. Participate in any way possible.


Send us a comment (admin@araly.org), send us an article to include in the web site, send us pictures to share on the site.


Ask us on how you can help. Visit us on Facebook and tag that on your page.